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our traffic lady is very busy this morning. >> pace yourself, monika. rough out there. >> a hard job but someone has to do it. >> howard bernstein is here with the information on whether you decide to grill or not. >> showers in the forecast again today, like yesterday, like tomorrow, like wednesday. all thanks to isaac and what's left of isaac still throwing moisture in our direction along with a lot of folks in the eastern u.s. still about 40 minutes or so till sunrise. 80 degrees by noon. we'll have scattered showers and storms at times today. it's not going to rain all day. that threat, though, is with us. even this morning we have some showers. high temperatures in the lower 80s. it is a sticky morning. humidity levels are way up. it's 70 now in winchester and martinsburg. 72 in leesburg this morning along with bill in newland. got 74 from prince frederick and bowie. 77 sticky degrees in reidville. kind of disgusting out there this morning. 78 in annapolis. looking at the satellite and radar from yesterday afternoon and evening, yes, big time
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showers and storms over toward d.c. had some flooding last night. we'll get you up to date on that with kristin fisher in just a moment. this morning isolated showers is what we're looking at down here in prince william county trying to get into southern fairfax county. 234 just clear now if you're taking that from manassas down toward 95. and there it is, not much there. just south. a very light shower moving north and east. we check in now at 6:00 a.m. with monika samtani. do you have anything to share about traffic or construction? i do. >> something happened? >> something happened. it's hard to say why and we're making our phone calls but there is an accident on the westbound side of i-66. it's just after route 123 outbound or westbound i-66. we'll take a live look nearby. you'll see that volumes are so light that it is not affecting traffic right now. if you're traveling on the westbound side of i-66, just scoot over to the left after route 123. i'll keep you posted on that situation. other than that, looking great back to the maps.
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no issues to report if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95, for example. no hov restrictions. it's all facing northbound right now sowf' got all of those -- so you've got all those lanes open. we'll be back with more at 6:11. d.c. fire crews had to rescue people stranded in flood waters caused by last night's storms. >> rhode island avenue northwest near 2nd street, one of the hardest hit areas by flash flooding. this is one of the usual suspects. reporter kristin fisher is in the bloomingdale neighborhood with more on how things look now. hopefully drying out a bit, kristin. >> reporter: yes, definitely drying out this morning. you wouldn't think that you would need sandbags for your average summer storm, but look here. clearly the folks at jack & company hairdressers knew that they might need them. they're far too familiar with the frequent flooding that happens in this bloomingdale
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neighborhood. fortunately as i said, they didn't need it last night. the water didn't get all the way up there but look how close it came. this is the water line from during the height of these storms right around 9:00 last night. you can see all these bikes are kind of caked in mud and leaves. so nothing too terrible to the businesses up here but if you look just out to the street, this is where all of that flooding was. water up to the wheels of some cars. and in fact at least three cars got trapped. two of the drivers were able to get out safe on their own. but one driver had to be rescued by the fire department on an inflatable raft. his car completely submerged. fortunately no one was hurt, but residents in this bloomingdale neighborhood say this is a recurring problem and they're sick of it. this neighborhood has seen severe street flooding at least four times this year alone. >> it happened a few times in the last five, six weeks. been getting flooding along the
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last block here. luckily with my house is, we don't get it but within this one block, it's a valley. it's where all the rain comes and it floods out all the basement apartments. >> reporter: some residents in the bloomingdale neighborhood reported up to 10 inches of water in their basement. so this morning there's a lot of people that will be dealing with water damage, flooded out cars this labor day. these residents say the city is well aware that this area is prone to flooding. mayor vincent gray set up a task force to try to tackle this problem. so far they haven't done much about it. in the meantime what businesses and residents are having to resort to are putting up these kinds of sandbags for just your average small summer storm. mike, andrea? thank you, kristin. this week it's the democrats' turn to party. their national convention is coming up. it starts in car lot this week. >> even before the gavel drops,
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to kick off the week long event, republicans have a question they want answered. susan mcginnis has the story from charlotte. >> reporter: president obama continues his march to charlotte with a campaign stop in ohio today. but a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina first. vice presidential candidate paul ryan campaigns in greenville today and will come armed with one question. are you better off today than you were four years ago? >> the. needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he was going to do. >> reporter: democrats say let's not forget just how bad things were four years ago. >> in the quarter before the president took office, we lost three million jobs. our country was bleeding. our financial system was on the verge of collapse. we were passing bank bailouts to ensure that our system could stay afloat. that's what was happening before the president took office. >> reporter: and president obama's aides say republicans failed to offer solutions at their convention last week.
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>> it was a week of personal attacks, empty platitudes, and the one thing you were left with is they really think lying is a virtue. >> reporter: here in charlotte some of the biggest questions are about security but local and federal police say they're prepared to keep everyone safe. about 800 protesters marched through uptown charlotte sunday. police stood by as the protests moved along peacefully. the massive police presence has many here unconcerned about potential violence. >> there seems to be police at every block and on every station. >> reporter: but it isn't all protests and politics. >> there are a lot of fun things happening. >> reporter: the convention kicks off today with a labor day celebration called carolina fest with vendors, food and entertainment from jeff bridges and james taylor. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> in addition to the campaign event in ohio, the. is going to go to la -- the president is going to go to
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louisiana to look at the damage from hurricane isaac. mitt romney was there last week. he's taking today, the holiday, off. the time is 6:07. i am watching your money. wall street is closed for labor day. they're back tomorrow. investors will start preparing for the latest jobs report. this week the government will reveal how many americans found work in august. economists are expecting to see about 120 tow new hires and owe 120,000 new hires and the until employment rate to stay at 8.1%. on friday ben bernanke said the federal reserve will do more to boost the economy if unemployment stays high. the comments gave the markets a boost. checking the numbers the dow closed 90 points higher at 13, 090. the s&p 500 added seven points. just like here in the u.s., unemployment is a big concern in europe. the 17 countries that use the euro, unemployment was at a record high in july in those countries at 11.3%. the data show unemployment is
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hurting the european economy with the most people out of work in spain and greece. but the poor economy in europe isn't hurting sales of a high end computer maker. one company makes its computers out of luxury materials. we're talking marble, bronze, gold leaf. the computers are inspired by a french design and that's reflected in the name, mondaying including louis the 15th and empire. prices start at about $21,000. you're not picking up that laptop and going to the subway. not happening. what do men, makeup and on- line social status have in common? you'll find out in today's question of the day coming up. >> good tease. some northern virginia students will have to find another way to school tomorrow after their school district gets rid of about a dozen bus stops.
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>> here's monika.
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we're still dealing with isaac, at least isaac's remnants throwing plenty of moisture our way. plenty of clouds today, occasional showers and thunderstorms, and we'll have temperatures which will be seasonably warm with highs in the lower 80s. on the southbound side of
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395, you'll see this camera moving around because they're looking for this accident southbound 395 between edsall road and the beltway. apparently a vehicle fire. watch out for that activity. but volumes are very light. no hov restrictions. i'll be back with more on this coming up in my next report. organizers planning the eisenhower memorial don't have the final design yet but they do know one thing. if the monument of our 34th president become as reality, it will have some high-tech features. the congressional committee launched annual e-memorial online this week. it shows how multimedia could complement the finished memorial on the national mall. you can see more of the rendering of that idea on just click on d.c. news. is the remaining children in our area prepared to head -- as the remaining children in our area prepare to head back to school, some frustration is brewing with some arlington county parents. they're upset the school district is canceling bus
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service at 12 stops. our ken molestino spoke to parents. >> reporter: these glieb elementary schoolkids and their mothers are trying to get used to a new routine this year, walking to school. >> arlington county dropped this bomb on us just two weeks ago. >> reporter: she's taking issue with the decision to get rid of 12 bus stops across the district. one was only a block away from her house. now her daughter and other kids are left looking for a new way to get to school which is about a mile away. >> it's not that they can't walk this distance. it's just that we live in modern times with busy roads. there are situations where you don't want a young girl walking home alone. >> reporter: she isn't alone in her concern. >> i think it's absurd to expect children as young as 5, 6, 7 years old to walk a mile, nearly a mile to school. >> reporter: parents say this is the scariest part about their children's walk to
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school. 18th street and gliebe road. they say it's constantly packed with traffic and a scary road to cross. >> reporter: patrick murphy say the change is due to a realignment of resources of what he describes is a rapidly growing school district good we're increasing 800 to 850 students a year. we have to begin to make adjustments. >> reporter: but that explanation isn't sitting well with parents who want their kids' bus back. >> it's frustrating and confusing. >> reporter: dr. murphy says despite a petition with hundreds of signatures on it, they have no plans to reverse their decision. in arlington, ken molistina, 9news news. schools in loudoun county, virginia opened this past month. students in all other northern virginia schools head back tomorrow. mike and howard, over to you. >> thanks, jess. weather time now. howard bernstein alongside. i want to grill today. i'm thinking ribs and you're thinking umbrella. >> you might need it. we've been there. we have we die -- we diehards
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have been out in the rain. if there's any lightning, obviously don't be outside in that. but we can grill if the rain. not that it's going to be raining but the threat for showers and storms is with us today, tonight and will be the next few days thanks to isaac. >> keep your hands on that weather app. it's fantastic. stay with your smartphone and the grill, and you're good. >> happy labor day, everybody. temperatures by noon right about 80. they're not going to be moving much at all today, topping out in the lower 80s with scattered showers and storms. not going to rain all day but if you get in on some of these, could be some locally heavy downpours like we saw yesterday and like we'll see the next couple of days. isaac's moisture into ohio, down into kentucky, tennessee, eastern west virginia. you'll notice showers south central, southern virginia and even toward us you'll see isolated showers this morning. for the holding together very well. they were in prince william getting into fairfax county. there may be a leftover sprinkle there and also down
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into southern maryland. it disappeared. it was trying to get to this area but it has fallen apart. so lots of clouds. a muggy morning. 74 now over in college park and crofton. it is 73 for springfield. 72 in fairfax this morning. and 72 up in gaithersburg. kevin who lives in gaithersburg said it was 73 an hour ago. planes flying here in northwest d.c. 76 degrees. sunrise still not happening for another 20 minutes or so. calm winds and high humidity 85%. a very sticky morning. we'll be in the low 80s today. look at the heat in the central part of the country. it's going to be a hot labor day in oklahoma city and dallas well over 100 with 70s and 78s on in the east thanks to isaac still spinning around, what's left of it anyway, the remnants of isaac. low pressure spinning here. looks like it's drifted in
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toward western kentucky throwing moisture toward us. this is going to be pattern the next couple of days. so today, tonight, tomorrow through wednesday evening. scattered showers and storms at times. patchy fog overnight. not much change. low 80s today. yellow alert the next three days due to the scattered thunderstorms. 70 to 75 tonight. tomorrow 86. wednesday 87. by thursday a little bit more sunshine. still a threat for an afternoon storm although not as much as the next few days. high around 90 and 80s with a couple of storms possible this weekend. it is 6:17. time for monika samtani who actually has an incident to report on. i do. it was a car on fire on the southbound side of i-395 just after edsall road. we're going to go to a live picture so i can show you what it's like with equipment on the scene right now on the southbound side of 395. you see right here it's sitting on the shoulder and it looks like traffic is so light that it's really not causing any problems. i don't think they're letting anyone get by right now. on the southbound side of 395.
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northbound you'll be okay. all hov restricts are lifted for the day and all the lanes are facing northbound. so you're going to be okay on 395. just watch out for that activity. if you're planning to head in on 66, no issues from manassas but on the westbound side after route 12k3, there was an -- 123, there was an accident. we'll go nearby and traffic again is so light, it is not affecting your ride. i'll be back with more information on the two incidents at 6:25. back to you. >> monika, thanks. another look at the question of the day now. it's cold in the studio. according to "glamour" magazine -- if you see us doing that, that's why. 37% of women do this at least twice a day. what is it? a, complain about their men, b, update their on-line social status or c, fix their makeup. >> i'm stumped. here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. rita thinks the answer is a, complain about men. she writes, even though we love them, sometimes they drive us crazy. so what do you think?
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hit us up on our facebook fan page. we'll have the right answer for you in about 30 minutes. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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how does it feel to try smooth,
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delicious hershey's chocolate with 30% less fat? new hershey's simple pleasures chocolate.
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30% less fat, 100% delicious. welcome back. 6:22. your weather first. you'll see showers and storms at times today. right now an isolated sprifnlgle or -- sprinkle or two. lots of clouds. temperature by noon around 80. we're only going to get in the low 80s again with the scattered showers and storms. some could have locally heavy downpours unfortunately. good morning, everybody. stephen strasburg creeping ever so slower to that mystical 160 innings mark. his impending shutdown is coming. what he's concerned about in the present is shaking off statistically his second worst performance of the year. miami five runs in five innings on tuesday. yesterday let's see if he could
6:23 am
get back on track. he was cruising through the first four innings with a little defensive help. brian anderson enlists this one to bryce harper. alan trying to score. don't do it, al language. don't do it. -- alan. don't do it. in the 4th inning, turning and burning on one, the second home run in four days. 1-0 nats. it was tied at 2 in the 7th. a critical rbi base knock. nats get the victory 4-3. davey says to more starts for strasburg. orioles and yankees, this one was tight as well till mike reynolds got a hold of things. no not just one -- not just bun with you two home runs, that one out of the park. he had a big day. they beat the yanks 8-3. now just two games behind those yankees. u.s. open tennis, andy roddick
6:24 am
against fabio foonini. fabio in yellow. can't take the heat here. rod took the first two sets 7- 5, 7-6. fabio took the third. roddick, a top serve. he wins it in four as he tries to move on in his final u.s. open, his final tournament all together. that's a quick look at sports. have a great monday, everybody. on the southbound side of i- 395, an incident here involving a vehicle fire. fire crews put it out and they're just dealing with the remains of that car on the shoulder southbound 395 after edsall road. stay to the left to get around it. we'll be back with more traffic, news and weather coming up in a few minutes. you're watching 9 news now. stay with us.
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good morning. if you're just waking up on this labor day monday, here's a live look at the temperatures. temperatures in the mid-70s. it is a bit soupy out there. >> looks pretty, though. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. glad you're with us this morning. howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. >> good morning. a sticky, steamy morning out here on the weather terrace. we do have broken cloud cover. maybe we'll get a little bit of sunshine this morning but also expecting more showers and storms at times today.
6:29 am
in fact, for the next several days thanks to the remnants of isaac. here's a look at your day planner. this is tysons corner. you can see the mostly cloudy skies this morning. with our day planner calling for a noontime temperature around 80. highs in the 70s to low 80s with the scatdered showers and thunderstorms -- scattered showers and storms. good air quality. upper 70s in annapolis. 76 here in baltimore. low 70s in much of the suburbs out to our west and even easton at 73 along with andrews. the scattered showers and storms really cranking in ohio and west virginia this morning. just some isolated stuff near us now but we will see more later. so it's not going to rain all day but it may impact your plans, your barbecue, going to a parade or seeing the nats and cubbies. highs about 82 in d.c. 79 in leesburg. it's been a relatively quiet traffic day, but there has been an issue or two. monika samtani is all over it. if it was tomorrow, it would have been a whole different story with the issues
6:30 am
that we've had. but right now because it's so light, there are really no big problems to report. we had this vehicle fire on the southbound side of 395. we'll go to it live from our vdot camera right now and show you where it is and what it is. again, a vehicle fire. they're just beginning to load it up and move it out of the way. it's on that ramp to get on to northbound 495 from southbound 395. again, just affecting that ramp there. not traffic -- no traffic. northbound 395 also. no issues, no hov restrictions as well. let's head over to the maps. 270 southbound pretty much the same stoation. no issues -- same situation. no issues. there are no hov restrictions today in maryland with the exception of route 50, the john hanson highway. metro, by the way, opens in about half an hour at 7:00 and no vre or marc service today for labor day. i'll be back with more at 6:43. back to you. >> thank you, moen came.
6:31 am
cbs -- monika. cbs this morning is about 30 minutes away. >> jeff joins us from new york. i imagine you're talking campaign this morning. >> we are indeed. mike, good to see you're working as well on this labor day. jessica, good morning you to. the chair of the democratic national convention is blasting the republican platform as something from another century. actually from two centuries ago. we'll talk with the los angeles mayor. also, warning others about speed traps. is that free speech or is it a crime? we'll look at the debate and show you the app helping drivers avoid a ticket. we'll see you at 7:00. happy labor day. >> to you as well. we're very familiar with that with having so many speed cameras in and around d.c. have a good show. d.c. fire crews had to rescue people stranded in flood waters caused by last night's storm. >> rhode island northwest near 2nd street with us one of the areas hardest hit by flash flooding. 9news reporter kristin fisher
6:32 am
is in the bleeping dale -- is in the bloomingdale neighborhood with an area that seems to flood every time. >> apparently we're having trouble with kristin's report so we'll move on. a bowie man with a history of child sex offenses dating back to the 1980s has been arrested for a third time this month after posting bond twice that he allegedly molested more children. >> reporter: i'm andean mccarren in prince george's county where police are concerned a suspected child molester may have more victims. 52-year-old michael brashu of bowie is now under investigation of the sexual abuse of four children. >> the victims are young boys and range from age 6 to 11 years of age. >> reporter: he allegedly molested them at his home and a pool. he would fondle them in the shower at the pool and give them 75 cents to $1.75 after
6:33 am
each encounter. the boy told police he'd use that money to buy treats at the snack bar. >> some were in his care. others, for example, this 11- year-old, the recent arrest, he did not know this individual. >> reporter: in fact, he had been arrested twice this month for allegedly molesting children and posted bond both times. he was rearrested last week after the 11-year-old came forward. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> he was one of the most colorful and controversial figures in modern times. the reverend sun myung moon died yesterday. he died from complications of knew money ya. his varied career included the founding of the unification church in 1954 and "the washington times" in 1982. we spoke with times president thomas mcdevitt yesterday and he had the opportunity to spend some time with the late reverend moon. >> what i was most impressed about was his vision for media.
6:34 am
he loved america with a passion. the proof of that is his investment and involvement in getting an alternative media source from the nation's capital. >> moon was known for presiding over mass weddings. thousands of brides and grooms wore identical clothing leading some people to call the church a cult. church members were often referred to as moonies. son myung moon was 92 years old. lots of you have labor day off today. if you're looking for family fun, we have a few suggestions for you. old town gaithersburg one of them. thage labor day parade gets under way at 1:00 today. in kensington another parade, the 45th annual labor day parade there and festival. that steps off at 10:00 a.m. and starts at the intersection of st. paul and plyers mill. after that the festival gets under way along the armory and howard avenues. in d.c. the bread and roses labor day concert takes place at busboys and poet at 1025 5th street northwest from 6:00 to
6:35 am
8:00 p.m. and benefits the labor heritage foundation. the subjected donation for that is $10. in downtown herndon, virginia, the labor day festival features food, music, a crafts show. admission is $10, $20 if you want to sample the wine and microbrews. right now it 16:35. i'm -- it is 6:35. i'm watching your money. have you checked out a chevy volt lately? sales hit a record high in august. general motors reports sales for the plug-in hybrid topped did 2,500 this month. it marks a 35% increase over july sales and more than a 700 percent jump from a year ago. industry experts say dealership offers and incentives have helped move the cars. merger talks are in the works between american airlines and u.s. airways but a u.s. airways spokesman says this deal is far from sealed. if the merger does get approval, it would be on par with the world's biggest
6:36 am
airlines. that's united-continental holdings. it comes less than a year after american's parent company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. you may not be able to get your hands on amazon's kindle fire. the seven-inch tablet sold out immediately after the company sent out invitations for september 6's press event. rumors have it that amazon will introduce a new 10-inch kindle fire and kindle e-readers. the latest version of the kindle fire will be slightly bigger than the 9.7-inch ipad screen. we have a winner. a former michigan rail worker has claimed the third largest power ball jackpot ever. $337 million. his first purchase? a pack of bubble gum. donald lawson quit his job with the railroad company after getting the news. good for him. the question now, what's he going to do with all that money. >> i really don't know yet. i might escape for now and go somewhere safe and go from
6:37 am
there. >> i wonder if he's single. he plans to take the money in a lump sum payment of nearly $225 million. >> if you get a chance, go online and listen to his whole news conference. he is hysterical. he basically did a whole standup through the whole thing. it was very, very funny. 6:37. still ahead when the news continues, people have tried using mannequins, even blowup dolls to get through the hov lanes. find out why this one woman's feeble attempt to get home quickly could get you feeling warm and fuzzy all over. >> plus, monika is checking out the roads. howard has the holiday forecast and we'll give you the answers to today's question of the morning. that's all ahead. keep it here on 9news now. onlye the body temperature
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welcome back. just about 6:42. d.c. fire crews had to rescue some people. they were stranded in flood waters after storms last night. >> we're talking about rhode
6:42 am
island avenue northwest near 2nd street, one of the areas hardest hit by flash flooding. kristin fisher is live in the bloomingdale neighborhood with more. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. well, the water is now gone from the middle of rhode island avenue, but at the height of the storm, there were several feet of standing water in the middle of the roadway. up on the sidewalk, you can still see how high up the water came, came up to right about here and check out all the bikes that were parked here, leaves and mud are still stuck in the tires. and it got so bad, if we look over this way to our left, it got so bad that the owners of jack & company hairdressers even put out sandbags in front of the door to their business. fortunately the water didn't come up that far. by far the people hardest hit were the drivers. three cars got stuck subamericanned in this water. two drivers were able to get out to safety on their own.
6:43 am
but one driver had to be rescued by the d.c. fire department. he had been stranded on the roof of his car, had to be rescued on an inflatable raft. several basement apartments in this neighborhood were also flooded out. residents report up to 10 inches of standing water inside. the good news, no one was hurt, but people who live here say they are beyond frustrated. this is the fourth time this year that this neighborhood has seen severe street flooding. >> every time there's a rainstorm, people are like brace for impact, brace for impact because the storm's coming. whether it's one inch or six inches, it doesn't matter. people get really frustrated about the entire thing because we don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: the rain also caused problems for metro last night. check out this picture of the howard university metro station. you can see the water completely covering the tracks. parts of the green and yellow line were shut down last night, but all will be back open this morning. metro reopens at about 7:00, in just one hour.
6:44 am
that late opening is not because of the flooding. it's because metro is operating on a holiday schedule because it's labor day. unfortunately, mike and jessica, a lot of people out here are going to be laboring over their flooded basements dealing with insurance claims due to their flooded cars. back to you. >> thank so you much, kristin. as she said metro opens at 7:00 this morning. by the way, marc and vre are closed for the labor day holiday. if you're planning to head southbound on 395, well, there's been one issue with a vehicle fire. let's go to our vdot camera and show what you it looks like live. they're just clearing up the remains of that. you can see it right here in the middle of your screen on the southbound side of 395. that's the ramp to get on northbound 495. now they're hauling that car away and it should be cleared shortly. no delays as you can see. back over to the maps and this time we'll head to the north side of town. no issues between college park and 270 in bethesda. really no delays at all whatsoever on the beltway. all around the washington area.
6:45 am
and again no hov restrictions to worry about today. we'll take a live look if you're planning to head southbound on i-270 out of frederick to clarks burke. enjoy it while it lasts because tomorrow will be a whole different story. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. weather time now, howard is here. 6:45. big weather we call it. how is it looking, howard? >> sticky. a couple of showers out there right now. we'll see maybe heavier downpours later today as we have some daytime heating. you have plans to light the grill on labor day, you might be holding an umbrella, some of you. i don't expect an all day rain but i do believe we'll get into more showers and storms than we currently have which is just a few in fairfax county. here's a look at your day planner. expect plenty of clouds today of the maybe a sunny break or two this morning. temperatures slowly climbing from the 70s only up into the lower #s on with a southeast -- lower 80s with a southeast wind 5 to 10 with scattered showers and thunderstorms. this evening if you have plans, there will still be showers around. maybe this thunder. an 8:00 p.m.
6:46 am
temperature of 78 degrees. here's a look at the radar over the past several hours. we're going back here three hours. you see the showers to our east. lots of rain out in the ohio valley. then in virginia, south central virginia, we're seeing these showers. but locally we've been watching some showers here. the thing i'm worried about later this this morning, this will be coming. it will take a couple of hours to work its way from i-64 up toward us. tates' coming. here in -- that's coming. here in north fairfax, these showers. these will be lifting up toward the american legion bridge, maybe toward potomac and rockville in the next 20 to 30 minutes. a couple of raindrops out there right now. tefers are in the low to mid--- temps are in the low to mid- 70s. hey partial 74. gaithersburg 72 with 73 in alexandria. 73 in andrews. 73 at bowie. a very humid, uniformed atmosphere with temperatures about the same. 76 at reagan national. look at our michael & son weather camera. plenty of clouds out there this morning with calm winds and the humidity is up there, 85% but
6:47 am
it feels really, really sticky and steamy all thanks to what's left of isaac. low pressure spinning southern indiana, western kentucky. showers and storms on the east side of it. that's going to continue to throw moisture our way. so our future cast continues to show the occasional showers and thunderstorms and sometimes more than occasional showers and thunderstorms, especially if it's happening when you're trying to grill it's more than occasional. it's obnoxious and that will be the problem not just today. tonight, tomorrow and wednesday as well with this pattern that will be slow to break down. as you look at the forecast, talking about highs today only in the low #s on with scattered showers -- low 80s with scattered showers and storms. i think showers and storms the next three days with yellow alert days. 70 to 75 tonight. mid-80s tomorrow. maybe mid- to upper 80s wednesday. by thursday a little more sun, fewer storms. high around 90. friday 90ish and saturday and sunday 80s again with a chance of the afternoon storms. back to you. >> thanks, howard. a portland oregon police
6:48 am
officer issued a woman a $260 ticket after trying to pull a fast one in the hov lane. >> that's because her passenger was a large teddy bear. scarlet says she came up with the idea because she was trying to get home fast so she could leave on a camping trip. the teddy bear just happened to be in her car. so she buckled the stuffed passenger into her front seat. >> i'm in my car driving and i see a motorcycle cop and i have this huge smile on my face because i was like, yup, i'm getting a ticket right now. he just -- i could tell he was definitely -- i think he chuckled under his helmet. he had to have. >> the officer seen snapped this photo of the bear riding shotgun and after she got the ticket, she took her own photo. scarlet says she learned her lesson and plans to go to court hoping to get the fine reduced. >> oh, scarlet. come on.
6:49 am
6:48. time to answer the question of the day. according to "glamour" magazine, we've been asking you this all morning. 37% of women do this at least twice a day. is it a, complain about men, b, update their on-line social status or c, fix their makeup? >> one of our facebook friend posted this. sharon thinks the answer is c. her reason? we complain about men even more than twice a day. sorry, sharon, the correct answer is a, complain about men. 37%. there you have it, jess. >> who knew. who knew. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. here are some of our favorites on this monday morning. the willy mammoth theater company's new season is beginning. living social is offering a deal on the company's first two shows of the season. see elaborate entrance of chad didi runs from september 3 to september 30. you for me for you runs from november 5 to december 2. you can now get tickets for $20 to $30. that's 50% off the normal
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at restaurants now... bon app├ętit guys, enjoy. activate your 5% cash back at
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6:54 am
at 6:54, we have mostly cloudy skies out there. isolated showers in northern fairfax county. we'll have scattered showers and storms later today with highs only in the low 80s. so just stay up on the radar today because your plans could be impacted. michael? >> thanks, howard. it is 6:54. here's a check of the nuls before you go. president obama will be in louisiana today to get a firsthand look at the damage hurricane isaac left behind. several communities are still under water and more than 200,000 people don't have power. a wildfire burning in the angeles national forest has grown to more than a thousand eabs. the blaze -- than a thousands
6:55 am
acres. the blaze started sometime yesterday afternoon. weather and traffic one more time when we come back. keep it right here.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
welcome back. low 80s on this labor day. we are looking at scattered showers and storms today. that could impact some plans. we will have showers and storms around through wednesday. temperatures climbing to 90 before the short workweek ends. for all of those concerned about traffic at the airport, there isn't any. no problems on the toll road as you head in from dulles. you're going to be absolutely fine. out to the bay bridge right now. yes, it will be heavy later today but right now absolutely no problems at all on route 50. cbs this morning is coming up next.
6:59 am
they'll have the democratic national convention which begins in charlotte later today. also of course president obama will be down on the gulf coast trying to look at the area that was ravaged by hurricane isaac. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> if you're at work today or home or just playing on the computer, be sure to go to and get the latest on our weather and traffic. download our apps. a lot of stuff for you to check out. we'll be grilling with an umbrella today, howard says. >> some of you will. see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day, everybody. enjoy it.

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